The Next Decades Of Transition

This is the current 5+10+15 year plan for a transition to an Abundance Centered Society.

This document is for people who are interested in transitioning to a Post Scarcity society, e.g an RBE, Game B, Cradle to Cradle world or whatever you might call it. It’ll likely be most familiar to Zeitgeist Movement members.

I’m writing this as my larger plan and strategy for the next 5yrs preparing and 10 years of building and 15+ years of scaling the transition to an Abundance Centred Society.

For me an abundance centered society means it’s post scarcity.

Many might know the term NL/RBE. For me it’s about long term sustainability, it’s a system using automation and technology where appropriate to bring access abundance. It’s based on best practices, good defaults and scientific understanding. It’s using anti-rivalrous dynamics and involves a whole new culture and thus mindset change to go with it.

Mostly it’s a transition to a world where at least the necessities of life are free to everyone on the planet, in a long term sustainable way.

The transition is based on my Zday presentation which has a lot more information:

All of this is very much based on gut feel more than any scientific based estimates and is a starting point. It’s one that I’ve been mulling over for some months now and I’m ready to commit to working towards and I’m fine with the details being different. So expect the actual timeframes to change, the quantities and amounts to vary and the order of some of the details to be different. Mentally insert “maybe” it’ll happen, or that it “could be” this much, as I’ve had to remove those from below to make it flow better.

The aim is to prepare, to build and test, then to scale. The main transition will be expected to follow an S curve (logistic curve). So it’ll be exponential for a while but still less than 1% of the global population, will seem to explode in size in a short amount of time, then slow down as we get closer to 100%

I start with my personal journey then get more broad as more and more people are expected to join. We will need to bring together people from various groups like The Zeitgeist Movement, Game B, P2P and more, taking the best ideas and people and getting them to work collaboratively.

5 years of prep

The plan is as follows:

Year 1: Starting from 1st July 2020 my focus is on getting to a financial thriving point. I’m out of debt but need more savings and multiple passive income streams to go from being financially independent to financially thriving. I’d also like to work on building bridges between multiple communities from TZM to Game B, P2P and others. Hopefully setting up something akin to the constellation model of collaborative social change.

I also want to be working on a media as a service startup called Gather Together amongst other paying projects which might provide a source of ongoing corporate donations or could be something to exit from and use the money towards the initial starting capital.

Year 2: Write The Book of New Eden / become a thought leader. I’ll be trading some financial savings for time with the aim to finish writing my SciFi novel the Book of New Eden which is based in 50 years in the future in an abundance centered society. It can generate a community following that can provide some Patreon style monthly donations towards the Price of Zero foundation. With that and promoting the associated materials like The TAO of an ACS the focus will be on being a thought leader in the space.

Creating an online course which covers the various concepts related to an abundance centered society and the transition will also be important so we can get people brought up to speed with the latest concepts without having to read 20+ books. As a community we can then be exploring new ideas and working on solving at least the known, expected issues with an anti-fragile anti-rivalrous system like governance and decision making, team work, project management, etc… We can be creating digital solutions or prototyping experiments to learn more about the problems.

Once the novel is published I can go on a global book tour that also acts as a way of connecting with many like minded individuals and organisations whilst also going location scouting. The assumption being that a Covid19 vaccine is available and global travel is no longer restricted.

Year 3: Foundation – The focus is on expanding the Price of Zero foundation that was created when the book was also released. This l accepts donations towards a revolving fund as well as system for grants to get projects off the ground. This is the organised part of the constellation model which can direct money towards the various associated groups.
The 2nd focus is on finding a suitable location for the initial high tech RBE like, R&D community. Which country, which state, which piece of land, who are the locals in charge, etc.. We’d also be earnestly putting out calls for people to join. Letting them get themselves ready.

Year 4: Setup – Having location scouted we now buy some land and attempt to get it zoned as a micronation or special economic zone as we want to be experimenting with radical new building designs, economic systems and more.

If the location doesn’t already have some buildings then an initial set of basic housing, electricity, Internet and the like would need to be installed. There should be plenty of space to expand into as prototypes of new systems are going to be tested and developed.

Year 5: Full throttle – We want to get the best of the best people. Those with passion, understanding and a willingness to work on the transition to an abundance centered society. Some might not be able to be there in person and would work remotely.

Using both private and corporate donations we now have either USD$30 million, the interest of which can produce l least USD$1.2 million/year in incoming money (based on Jan 2020 purchasing power equivalent) with the ability to dip into it for large purchases, or have already developed services as a community and within the first year or two can start bringing in $4 million/yr in income. This is of course a very small amount even for under 150 people.

It’s expected that during this initial 5 years there will be a financial meltdown, be it depression or hyperinflation event of some kind, which makes things harder.

10 years of Innovation

Over the next 10 years we’ll be iterating through various designs, cultures and technologies around a cradle to cradle materials flow / closed loop / regenerative / circular economy. Along with development of highly automated food, energy, housing and other systems, with the aim of being able to provide at least the necessities of life, for free to those in the community. We’ll be developing blueprints for a new society with variations needed according to people’s local resources and starting point.

After enough iterations we will have developed a whole new set of systems and institutions. Have already expanded way beyond Dunbar’s number and have many thousands of people living this way.

The designs and services will be available as a form of fair use whereby they are available open source but commerical entities need to pay licensing fees or a percentage of their profits to use them.

15+ years of The Great Transition

We would then spend the remaining 15+ years scaling up and spreading out.
This is were we go from mere thousands of people and a couple of communities to being able to provide at least the necessities of life, for free to everyone on the planet. As it will be like an asymptote and not everyone will live in an abundance centered society, this period would be the primary exponential transition time where we reach a majority of people in the world.

It is hard to know exactly how long this transition will last but I think it’ll happen faster than people expect but slower than people would like.

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